Our partners

Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali (NIDEC-ASI), Italy Electric motors and generators, industrial complexes www.nidec-asi.com
Brevini, Italy Hydraulic motors www.brevini.com
Cogne Acciai Speciali, Italy Special mandrels for pipe mills MPM-PQF-FQM www.cogne.com
Deref, Italy Insulated and assimilative mixtures www.deref.com
ElettroRava, Italy Grinding equipment www.elettrorava.com
ELG-Steel, Italy Technology and equipment for surface chromium-plating www.elgsteel.com
Fossa Silvio, Italy Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders www.fossacilindri.com
Maina, Italy Equipment for power transmission www.maina.it
Matec, Italy Screw jaks, spare parts for cranes www.matecitalia.com
Prosimet, Italy Slag forming powder for continuous casting www.prosimet.com
SGM Magnetics, Belgium/Italy Electromagnetic traverses www.sgmmagnetics.com
Sichim Alfa, Italy Special antioxidants for shells and lubricants for mandrels www.sichimalfa.com
 SMS Innse, Italy Metallurgical plants, installations and equipment www.sms-group.com
Termomeccanica, Italy Special pumps and components www.tmp.termomeccanica.com
TTF, Italy Electric furnace dedusting systems www.ttf.ge.it