History of the company «Tekko»

The history of the company “Tekko” begins from 1985, exactly from receipt of project by the Italian company “Italimpianti” for the construction of pipe plant with integrated cycle in Volzhsky (Russia, Volgograd region). The production cycle begins from minerals to finished pipes, using Italian technology of mandrels holding, which remains up today the main technology for production of high quality seamless pipes in the world.

At that time, Mr. Giorgio Africano was theProject Manager of the Italian company. The construction of “Volzhsky Pipe Plant” took 4 years from its foundation to the first finished pipe. In 1990 the Act of acceptance of the plant was signed and Mr. Africano remained in Russia and occupied the post of the General Manager of the company “VOLIT” – Joint Venture Company of “Volzhsky Pipe Plant” and the company “Italimpianti”. “VOLIT” had the purpose to ensure the delivery of spare parts and products, necessary for plant work.

In 1997 Mr. Africano bought the company “VOLIT” and founded the company “Tekko”, that continued to deliver the necessary products and spare parts to “Volzhsky Pipe Plant”.

Further the plants of the same technology were built in Taganrog and in Polevskoj, with which the company “Tekko” established commercial relationship. The company “Tekko” for many years represent the leading Italian companies-producers of the high technology production for pipe and metallurgical industry at the plants of the Russian Federation and in ex CIS countries.

Today the company “Tekko” continues to be the Agent of the Italian companies, specialized in purchasing of installations, materials and spare parts to the plants, based on the technology of production of seamless pipes of the company “Italimpianti/Innse.”

From 1997 to 2017 Italian companies, represented by the company “Tekko”, sold the equipment and consumable products for more than 220 million Euro.

The pipe plants we are cooperating with

“Volzhkij Pipe Plant” città Volzskij, regione di Volgograd, Russia

“Tagmet” città Taganrog, regione di Rostov, Russia

“Severskij Pipe Plant” città Polevskoj, regione Sverdlovskaja, Russia

“Belorusskij Pipe Plant” città Zhlobin, regione di Gomel, Belarus

“KSP Steel” città Pavlodar, Kazakistan